Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

  • History of discipline problems.
  • Blames you for his/her anger.
  • Serious drug or alcohol use.
  • History of violent behavior.
  • Threatens others regularly.
  • Insults you or calls you names.
  • Trouble controlling feelings like anger.
  • Tells you what to wear, what to do or how to act.
  • Threatens or intimidates you in order to get their way.
  • Prevents you from spending time with friends or family.

Having An Over-Obessed Partner Can Be The Beginning Of An Abusive Relationship. When Behavior Changes In A Mate, They Loose Intrest In Things They Once Enjoyed, They Become Secretive & Moody, They Try To To Cover Up Brusies & They Try To Dodge All Questions Concerning Their Relationship Then They Are Going Through Serious Problems.

People in abusive relationships sometimes mistake the abuse for intense feelings of caring or concern. It can even seem flattering. excessive jealousy and controlling behavior are not signs of affection at all. Love involves respect and trust; it doesn't mean constantly worrying about the possible end of the relationship.

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