Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Should Teen Criminals Be Locked Up In Adult Prisions ?
Some Say That Teens Who Commit Serious Crimes Should Go To Adult Prisons. Others Say That Teens Need Their Own Detention Centers.

"Do The Crime, Do The Time!" Thats What Always Been Said To Criminals, Especially Teens Who Commit Violent Crimes. There Are About Five Thousand Teens Under 18 Behind Bars In Adult Prisons And More To Come. Congress Wants To Pass A New Law That Would Send Teens As Young As 14 To Jail With Adult Criminals. They Argue That Sending Teens To Juvenile Prisons Lets Them Off Easy. They Say That Only Hard Time In Adult Prisons Will Convince A Teen Not To Commit Crimes.

I Believe As Much As Others Do Too That Kids Who Commit Serious Crimes Need Serious Help. They Need To Be In Rehabiliation Or Juvenile Detention Where They Can Clean Up Their Act. Locking Kids Up With Adult Criminals Only Increases Their Problems. They Dont Get The Help They Need. Worse, Adult Prisoners Will Often Attack Young People In Jail. Adult Prison Is No Place For A Yound Teen.

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