Saturday, June 13, 2009

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Teens Beining Raped In Gang Initiations

Girls As Young As 13 Are Being Raped & Used As Sez Slaves In Sickening Gang Initiations. These Horrific Crimes Are Being Committed With Shocking Regularity Against Vulnerable Teenagers.Abuses Like This Have Been Going On For Years, But Some Say Its Been Getting Worse. Some Guys In The Gang Have Said That It Happens Alot, Girls Are Being Taken Advantage Of In The Most Horrible Ways. Some Teens Even Film Girls Getting Raped & Then They Pass It Around To Their Friends As If What They Have Done To The Young Teen Is Not Bad Enough.

Some Girls Are Pressured Into Doing These Terrible Things, Becoming These Gang Members Sex Objects & Their Sex Slaves. Some Girls Are Just Too Young To Understand What They Are Agreeing To. Sometimes The Girls Look Up To The Guy And The Guys Notices It & Takes Advantage Of Them. The Teen Can B Brainwashed Or Even Drugged & Forced. The Guys Think Of Them As Being 'Naive And Stupid Enough To Be Taken Advantage Of, & They Give Them No Respect For It At All.' The Worst Thing Is There Are Many Diseases & Unwanted Pregnancies Happening As A result.

The Rapes Are Like An Intiation, Sometimes For The Girl But Sometimes For The Boys To Prove They Are Men.These Male Teens In Gangs Ages 15-20 & Sometimes Younger, Have No Respect For Girls.

'They'll Say The Girl Is Willing, But Thats No Excuse To Take Advantage Of Young Girls'

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